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Something was on the wing tonight after the greater part of the light had gone out of the day; something that ‘wasn’t quite right’. Too cold to be a bee, too big and too quiet. with a distinctly different flight pattern and in-flight posture.

Stupidly not wearing specs though I can’t see well in the gloom; what was it? I’ve not seen a live hawk moth so that’s an entire family of moths I’ve yet to tick off – was it a Bee Hawk? Quite possibly, but I wouldn’t trap it and couldn’t photograph it, it didn’t come to rest so I cannot be sure.

On the phone after I came in I’ve had it suggested there’s a little hot spot at the top end of town toward the nature reserve and I should look there.

In the mean time I can only rue a missed opportunity and not tick anything off.


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Going past the supermarket this evening I noticed that the very interesting planter installed by the parish functionaries recently has, well…

Anyone taking the trouble to scroll back will learn that recently the parish council installed a wooden planter in the open space outside the local supermarket, filled it with dirt and – nothing. In the time since it appeared the box of dirt (an installation on loan from the Tate Modern?) has brought forth some weeds and a couple of pint glasses.

I’ve been waiting and wondering what, if anything, would happen. It is a bit late in the year, after all – weather notwithstanding, to be planting up the herbaceous displays. Well having poked and prodded at the grape vine and brought it back to life I understand that what has happened today is the handiwork of our DUI town clerk and a sidekick.

No! Don’t be silly. They haven’t been at it with the trowels and the seedling trays. But they have…

Yes - it IS two more boxes of dirt.

Yes - it IS two more boxes of dirt.

installed matching flanking boxes of dirt. No sign of actual attractive ornamental flora, however I’m willing to wager a small sum these two galvanised steel tubs will be throwing out weeds within a week.
Apologies for the quality of the photograph. It was late, growing dark, I was a bit over excited and I was standing in a No Standing zone to take the photo. If I can do better, and that’s debatable, I’ll replace.

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If today was not the warmest day of the year so far then it certainly felt like it. Right from the start the day had very faintly that particular stillness that is the hallmark of a truly unseasonal warm to hot day. Not a cloud in the sky and barely a breath of air. The seedling cages are all wide open and I’m upping the water. All but the asparagus are ready to move on now, which is as much an adventure for me as it is for them.

The asparagus are a new one for me and candidly I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. What I know is that the seed has germinated well, which is a good start. Happily I won’t have to do anything much at this stage and everything else should be off my books before I have to work on the asparagus. Even then it will be another three seasons before they’re producing spears for harvesting. What an odd thing. This is why I’ve never bothered before.

 The next thing will be a big bed for cranberries, just of the sheer hell of it. That will be hard physical work as I’ll need not only to excavate but also line and in effect create a bog. What the hell am I thinking when what I really want to do is sell the place and go home. In the meantime though the idea of a cranberry crop has caught my imagination.

Like a lot of things it is something I’m going to have to do now, or not at all. Today’s work has left me with swollen hands which worries me slightly.

The other odd thing that has struck me is how easily I slipped into the groove and evaded the temptations of the wildlife. The only company I noticed I had today were squadrons of butterflies – large whites and probably small whites too far away to id and distinguish one from other. I’m still awaiting my first dragonfly sighting of the year.

And they don’t ever come into the house – or at least they haven’t yet. Why stupid? Because I didn’t think to slap sunblock on – went out in just a strappy vest thing and now have red shoulders. Idiot!

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