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Après le déluge

It wasn’t obvious but the weather of earlier in the week was building to a crescendo which broke over head about an hour before what would have been sunset – last night, had the sky not already been black. Yet another electric storm and again pretty much overhead. With wind as well I had no expectations of much insect activity and then all thought of that went from my head. Last night’s dramatics included seriously heavy rain, semi-tropical torrents that the drains were unable to cope with.

Black water bubbled from manhole covers and began to run down the path that leads eventually past my front door. It was knee deep at points, but that, happily wasn’t quite deep enough: the path of least resistance and gravitytook the water around the house and down to the old water-watercourse which is between me and the river, thence to the Crouch and the sea.

This morning the debris is drying, the sky is clear and the wind has dropped. Perhaps, just perhaps, we might be back to business as usual tonight?

PS: have now been out and the smell is really not very nice. And someone else is spraying. The joys of living in the country.


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